About Janak

After graduating from College and working in the computer software world for 15+ years, while sharing my greatest work with others I came to know what made me tick. It was the satisfaction I derived from the social interaction with people by providing them with something that they could highly appreciate and deeply treasure. I realized that what makes me happy the most, is to make someone else happy the most, and software development, just couldn’t do that for me. So I decided to pursue a line of work based on something that not only I’d love to do, but also something that others would love me to do for them.

Reeti and Ryan

Short Highlights Film of an Indian Wedding Ceremony and Reception at Natures Point overlooking Lake Travis in Lago Vista, Texas, outside of Austin. Reeti and Ryan were a wonderful couple and had a beautiful and colorful celebration. Everyone was royally treated. Young and old, all stayed late to dance and celebrate with the newlyweds.