What is Filmography Studio ?

I believe that the name and slogan of a company, should give you some insight into its ethic and reflect something about what it does. Simply put, Filmography Studio is your Professional Photographer and a Video Production company, where you get more than a mere collection of photos (or videos). My goal is to present you a Unique Filmography, which artistically captures every element of the scene, especially those Special Moments, thus forever encapsulating the unfolding Story, so that it can be relived and reprised with your friends and loved ones, for years to come.

About Me :

After graduating from College and working in the computer software world for 15+ years, while sharing my greatest work with others, I came to know what made me tick. It was the satisfaction I derived from the social interaction with people, by providing them with something that they could highly appreciate and deeply treasure. I realized that what makes me happy the most, is to make someone else happy the most, and software development, just couldn’t do that for me. So I decided to pursue a line of work based on something that not only I’d love to do, but also something that others would love me to do for them.

Ever since I was in my teens, a Camera was (and still is) a fascinating device for me. I always wondered how it worked, and how I could take unique pictures to vow somebody with the images. It just seems to garner my attention, like the attraction an Artist has for his/her artwork. So when I decided to become a Photographer (and Videographer), I knew that this fascination I have with Filmography, coupled with the desire to please others with my work, will be a subconscious driving force that would keep pushing me to do better and better every time! I knew then, that I’d always give my best when working with a camera, pictures and people, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the work. Consequently, you will always get my best, whether its a quick head shot, an all day Wedding or a multi-day shoot / event.

Shooting Style :

I always shoot RAW images and Edit every picture, to produce high resolution and high quality photos for you to treasure for life. I prefer to capture both Natural and Posed pictures, keeping the posing to a minimum when needed (for Portraits as an example). I’m described as social, friendly, timely, polite, professional and accommodating.

Artistic Style – I like to use the lines in the surroundings of the shot (like pathways, buildings, horizon, etc.) to compose my shot. In many situations, I may shoot with different perspectives so the resulting image captures the moment in a unique way that grabs the attention of the viewer. I also like to play with the depth of field of the lens to compose shots with varying degrees of focus, bringing or taking away the attention of the viewer where I would like it to be. I’ll also take into account the light source and shadow angle when composing the shot, to create dynamic and vibrant pictures, capable of capturing that moment/scene in dramatic style.

Technical Style – Generally, I prefer to use Ambient Light as much as possible (day or night), rather than Flash lighting the subject and the scene (except for some Portraits). This is because the strong light from a flash overwhelms the naturally occuring light which ends up killing the ‘Ambience’. But I may still use a Flash creatively when needed to fill shadows so that the light from the flash blends-in with the natural light, thus capturing the ambience/mood of the scene into the image. This results in pictures with natural looking soft shadows and skin tones with minimal to no hints of flash usage.
So, eg. if you have colored/mood lights lighting up a wall in the background behind a dimly lit dance floor, thats the way your pictures should look, without making the faces of people look too dark. With improper/direct flash you could kill the mood/ambient light, can get hard shadows and get overexposed hot spots (mostly on faces). Switch the flash off and you end up with grainy and underexposed (dark) images/faces. None of these results are acceptable to me, nor should they be to you.

Photographer, Videographer, your Personal Filmographer!